Shri Swami Narayan Hospital


Shri Swaminarayan Gaushala has been established the ashram where about 90 cows are being reared. Gaushala a place of cows is one of the pious and worth seeing attractions of Swaminarayan Gaushala runs by Shri Swaminarayan Trust under the direct supervision of Swamiji the gaushala as full facilities for cows.

According to Swamiji, Cow is a divine living being on the surface of the earth. It is a very useful animal for all human beings. It is also worshipped as a Goddess by Hindu people; cows are regarded as a part of religion in India, worshipping cows is like worshipping gods and goddess.

The place of the Gaushala is comfortable for all cows. Enough space, airy rooms and cleanliness are the qualities of Gaushala. Green and dry grass and food like bajra, maize, Amul dan, etc are fed to cows in the Gaushala. Clean water for drinking is always available in the Gaushala. Veterinary doctors also visit to the Gaushala.

The Gaushala doesn't sell milk which is generated by the donate it in the form of Chass or to the needy people. People can donate or sponsor a cows Food at a very low donation amount.